Link Exchange Terms

We only link to sites who have filled out the form which can be found at the bottom of our link page.  The link must be a clickable link connecting directly with to:  There can be no other code associated with it.  No redirects or programming involved.  After filling out our form, we recommend putting our link up on your site immediately.  Once we review your site and our link (usually within a few days) we will add your link.  If the link is not there, we can not add it and we do not check a second time (sorry.)

The link must be no more than 2 clicks from your main page (like ours.)

The link or page with the link must be accessible by clicking no more than 2 links from the main url of your site.

You can add our link by copying the code on our exchange link form and pasting it into your website where it's appropriate.

We do not add banners to the site, sorry.

Sites that are not added and are removed from our links page:
  1. Spammed submissions.  If we are sent the same request repeatedly or under different domain names, but pointing to the same site.
  2. Sites that use redirects or frames to hide a real url.
  3. Link farms.
  4. Unrelated Sites
  5. Sites with inappropriate content
  6. Sites that did not follow our instructions above and have placed our link more than 2 clicks from their main url.
  7. Sites where our link can not be found (we check regularly.)