Introducing a New and More Efficient Website!

We are thrilled to announce our new website adding much functionality allowing our customers to shop easier, faster and more efficiently.  Some of the great new features include:

  • A more powerful search (shown below)
  • Better organization of categories and more categories when navigating (shown below)
  • A cleaner look.
  • Better pictures and additional angle pictures of many products.
  • An optimized mobile version of the website.
  • In Stock Quantities are list for each style and are include in the sorting option when using the web search (shown below)
  • More payment options (shown below)

We have worked on this for some time and are excited about it.  We have gotten great feedback from customers that have already used it.  We hope that you will contact us with any feedback or bugs that you might find so that we can improve it even more.

We are the same Rhinestone Jewelry Corp, just with an updated website:

Old Rhinestone Site
New Rhinestone Site
Old Look New Look


Demo of some new features:


New Organized Navigation (click the play button)




New Powerful Search with Quantity Sort (click the play button)




More Payment Options



 Every Product Page Now Shows Inventory

We will be introducing new features and products monthly and will update customers by email.  If you run into any trouble or have questions, please call us at 1.718.336.6788 or click the Contact Us link below.

Please let us know any feedback or concerns that you have to ensure that we continue to serve you well.