About Us

Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation was founded in 1991 in a small kitchen of the owner's Brooklyn, New York apartment, where he would go out and take orders during the day and come home and solder the jewelry in his kitchen at night.  From there the company had grown year after year to almost 100 employees before moving production overseas allowing the company to better focus on design, merchandising, planning, innovation and marketing.  We have been shipping to almost every country in the world these last 30 years.  

The company has evolved into one of the leading design, manufacturing and import companies of rhinestone jewelry and accessories in the world.  Our house and private label lines of jewelry, as well as our custom tiaras and crowns, have graced the pages of newspapers, magazines, videos, television, motion pictures, beauty pageants and fashion show runways.

It all starts here in New York at our design and warehouse facility.  Our brilliant jewelry and crown design team work their magic and then our talented craftspeople bring them to life in glorious crystal.  Once approved, a new piece will then be sent it to our overseas facility for bulk production before being available in our line.  We pride ourselves by using only the finest materials and maintaining strict quality control standards.  To date, we inventory more than 2,000 designs though our factory makes more than 17,000 different styles.