#16520 Jewelry Wipes Gold and Silver Cleaner

Almost miraculously cleans jewelry by the touch. Especially useful for tarnished silver. Leaves behind a tarnish resistant coating to give extra time before tarnishing again. 6 wipes per package.

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Customer Reviews

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Keona S. (Queen Creek, AZ, US)

We ordered a crown for Ms. Queen Creek Juneteenth. We had it custom made. It was beautiful and just what we ordered. However, it is too big for head. No fault of this company. Make sure you know how the crown or tiara fits and what size the person' head is.

Roseanna (Keyser, WV, US)

I have one particular piece of bold silver jewelry that was looking so sad and tarnished. Spent a few minutes rubbing it with one of these cloths, and oh my gracious! It looks fabulous--and honestly, I love seeing the tarnish come off on the cloth, so that I can SEE that I've succeeded. These work like a charm, and you can't beat the price!

Jimmy S. (San Antonio, TX, US)
Jewelry Wipes

My husband called me to say he left his wedding band at home because it was dirty. I remembered this last shipment with Jewelry Wipes and used one to clean his ring. The ring was sparkly clean when he came home!

Esmeralda J. (Lakeland, FL, US)
Like Magic

I was literally going to throw all of my jewelry away. My jewelry looks brand new. A must buy. It's like magic.

Marilyn (Tampa, FL, US)

These are the best jewelry wipes I have ever used. I highly recommend them. Your jewelry will really sparkle. Yes!