#15924 - Prince of Crowns

They are 1.25" tall full round crown with a 6 5/8" diameter and with rings inside. Plated in Sterling Silver and individually wrapped.

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Customer Reviews

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A.G. (Chicago, IL, US)
Great item!!!

We used this to crown our Gala king. A dance for individuals with disabilities!

Kristepher A. (Fontana, CA, US)
Pretty damn good crown

The crown looks quality, with enough force you could bend to your head shape. Only gripe is the four holes for Bobby pins are kind of bothersome on the scalp.

Ashley (New York, NY, US)

It was great! exactly what I needed. Only comment - this is definitely for an adult head!

Andrew C. (Tampa, FL, US)
Great crown!

Great quality, used for Prom prince.

Dean P. (Baltimore, MD, US)
Just Needed Slight Tweaks

I love the crown. Personal preference, it could be a bit taller, like 1-1.5 cm taller.
Aside from that, I like the material being flexible enough to change it slightly if needed through pressing on the sides. My only big critique is the hairpin holders. Not everyone has long hair so having metal hairpin rings actually shrunk the interior. Once I popped those off with a pair of pliers, it fit like expected.