Frequently Asked Questions (retired page - refer to the new link at the bottom of the webpage)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is shipping?

A. For more details see our info page.  Below is a table with some basic pricing.

Most shipping services do not deliver on the weekends or national holidays and does not count those days as transit days. We cannot take responsibility for any transit delay of orders once they are picked up by the carrier.  Remote areas may take longer than estimated times in the tables below.

Click here to see shipping rates and estimated delivery time

***For International shipments, only the shipping costs are noted. Customs, duty and other import related charges if collected in your country would be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

A. Sorry, we do not have a catalog. There are new styles added to the website weekly.



Q. I have never ordered online before, is this website secure?

A. The entire website uses a TLS1.2 encryption secure server and guaranteed secure. This means that the information is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than ourselves. It is the same level that the US Government currently uses on their websites. You can see that the pages are secure because the address in the address bar changes from being http:// to https://. You will also see a padlock symbol or key in the bottom bar of your browser.  In addition, our system is tested daily for vulnerabilities.


Q. What carrier will my order be coming by?

A. For USA orders, we generally use USPS & UPS.  For international orders, we use UPS, DHL Express and the Post Office depending on the country you are in and the level of service chosen.


Q. Do you sell samples?

A. Sorry, we do not. 


Q. I don't see a style on the website anymore.  Did you discontinue it?

A. Most probably, it is just temporarily sold out and we will add it back once we make more.  Please feel free to ask us at any time.


Q. How long does it take you replenish stock when an item sells out.

A. We try not to allow items to sell out, however it happens (especially during the busy season.)  We normally begin making more once a certain stock level is reached.  In the event that we do sell out, it can take as little as one day and as much as 4 weeks (4 weeks is unlikely.)


Q. We need the products for a particular date.  How soon do we need to order it?

A. If you see it and know that you are going to need it, then we strongly recommend you to order it now.  It is frequent that items are sold out when customers delay ordering.  If you are not sure how many pieces you will need but you do know that it will be many, then it may be a good idea to order a good portion of them now and that leaves you with a better chance of us having the quantity when you need it.  In a nutshell, we never recommend waiting; but with our production, we can make most any size order in approximately 4 weeks.


Q. Do you collect tax?

A. Currently,  for online orders, we only collect tax in a few states when the customer does not fill out the resale form. 


Q. If I place an order now, when will it ship?

A. We try to ship orders received Monday thru Thursday before 3:00 pm EST the same day and orders on Friday by 1:00 pm EST.  Orders placed during the weekend are queued to ship on the first working weekday of that week. If there is not enough inventory to fill 2 orders, the order placed earlier will receive the product.  Orders with declined credit card charges or declined credit card address verification can be delayed.  It is important to include accessible phone numbers with the order.  In addition, it is a good idea to include a work phone number and a home phone number with the order.  This can speed up our address verification process and allows us to contact you quickly in case we need to speak to you.


Q. Can I place an order to ship to an address other than my credit card billing address?

A.  Yes, but since there are many fraudulent orders placed on the Internet, for your security and ours, we take precautions and use verifying procedures, which we can not disclose. When an order comes in with an alternate address, verification may delay the order.  Sometimes, our fraud protection department immediately approves the orders and other cases, we will need to call or email you (in these cases, it is important to check your messages respond to them as quickly as possible).  Sometimes an order shipping to another address is not approved.  If the order is not approved, we will notify you the moment that we know.  Once you are an established purchasing customer for over 90 days, we can usually ship to other addresses within reason (certain checks and verifications may still be done.)    

Q. I don't have a credit card, Paypal or your other methods.  How do I order?

A. We take all of the payments at the bottom of the page.  In the past we accepted checks and money ordersl but we frequently sold out of styles before the payment was received and it adds delays and frustration for all.  Today almost anyone can have a credit card, Paypal, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or the other payment types.

 If you don't see an answer to your question here, please see our info page for more details.

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