Getting the Most from Rhinestone Jewelry

Getting the Most from Rhinestone Jewelry


How well your rhinestone jewelry is kept up will have a direct bearing on determining its value.  Maintaining your collection and keeping it in tip top condition will give you the best return on your investment.  The following are a few essential things to keep in mind when taking care of your rhinestone costume jewelry.

If your pieces start to tarnish, you can clean them with any acid-free silver cleaner.  If you are using an acid base silver clear or are not sure if it is acid-free, then use soft cloth to clean the rhinestone jewelry and don't dip the jewelry into the a cleaning solution. Using a soft bristled toothbrush is also better than dipping the jewelry into a solution.  Gently brush the stones, ensuring that you do not get any excess liquid into the rhinestone setting behind the stones.  Acid can damage the foil on the back of the stones. Water, sprays, perfumes and other liquids can cause the foil to separate from the stone as well as accelerate tarnishing.

Lay the pieces on a flat dry cloth or towel and using a clean, dry cosmetic brush, dust them off. Once the rhinestones have been brushed carefully, turn the pieces upside down and place them onto a dry cloth or towel.  Leave them sitting on the dry cloth or towel for three to four hours before returning them to their air tight, moisture free container, cloth bag, or zip locked bag.

Refrain from spraying deodorants, hairsprays, or perfumes around rhinestone jewelry.  These products will stick to the stones and damage them. They also attack the silver plating and accelerate tarnishing.

Because heat can melt glue and cause moisture to form, you should not store your rhinestones in hot places. The effects of heat and moisture can reduce the life of your precious jewelry.

Today, silver plated jewelry is generally finished with an anti-tarnish coating over the silver.  This extends the life of the jewelry before tarnishing.  Although tarnished silver can be cleaned, if the jewelry looks new, then don't clean it since the silver cleaner will remove the anti-tarnish coating that is still protecting it.  Deodorants, hairsprays, water, long term exposure to air and perfumes also wear down the anti-tarnish coating faster.  Because of this, it is recommended when not using the jewelry to store it in a sealed plastic.


The Facts about Rhinestone Jewelry

The greater part of the costume jewelry that is made does not contain nickel.  Rhinestone jewelry is made of base metal which is a simple alloy as well as brass.  The plating used is real gold and real silver.


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In the international jewelry arena, rhinestone jewelry is authoritatively listed as "imitation jewelry." The metals that are used to make the costume jewelry are not made from precious metals; although they are plated with precious metals.  This means you will probably never find rhinestone jewelry made in solid gold, silver, or other precious metals. 

Following these tips will keep your costume jewelry looking as good as real for a much longer time!

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