Rhinestone Accessories and Fashion Trends

Rhinestone Accessories & Fashion Trends


hinestone jewelry is popular and trendy because it sparkles and shines, it mesmerizes, and it bedazzles.  One thing that can be said about rhinestone accessories is they have and always will be popular with those who love to dressing trendy and enjoy having attention drawn to them as they make those stylish fashion statements. Wearing rhinestones will make a person carry their self with demeanor and a persona that says ‘Look at me … don’t I look fantastic’?

Rhinestone Necklace


Accessories for Every Wardrobe



#6112 Horseshoe Earrings

The rhinestone Western Look is always in style.  There is some uncanny connection betwen rhinestones and western.  These earrings are a great way to further enhance your western wardrobe.  They are versatile and can add as much or as little to your ensemble as you would like.  Further enhance an outfit with additional accessories using articles like rhinestone ear rings, necklaces and belts




Celebrities & Rhinestones

Rhinestone Celebrity

For many years celebrities have used rhinestones to imitate diamonds. Rhinestone manufacturers have managed to reproduce the glistening effect that real diamonds have whenever they come into contact with the sun or bright lights. 

Michael Jackson
During the 1980’s, the well known Pop and Rock singer, Michael Jackson began wearing a single rhinestone glove during his performances. Michael Jackson wore that world renowned single rhinestone glove during his Legendary Motown 25 Performance of Billy Jean.  

Other entertainers and rock groups who were well known for wearing rhinestone costumes include:

·        The legendary Rock group America

·        Elvis Presley

·        Gram Parsons

·        Elton John

·        John Wayne

·        John Lennon

·        Glenn Campbell

·        The legendary Rock group Chicago




Rhinestone Accessories

#14831 - Aladdin Tiara Comb
Fashionable individuals who are interested in wearing, purchasing, and giving gifts of rhinestone jewelry will find a wide variety of pieces including, bridal jewelry and bridal tiaras, pageant jewelry and pageant crowns, and much more.  These treasured pieces can be found either through wholesale or through retail outlets in prices that are very reasonable. 

#13106 -  Rhinestone Oval X Earrings


Rhinestones can be found in several varying types.   Austrian cut-crystal rhinestones are made by Swarovski.  These rhinestones set the staRhinestonendard against which all other rhinestones are evaluated.  Typically, Austrian cut rhinestones possess the best cut.  They have the highest clarity, color, and brilliance. These crystals are fired through a process that combines natural minerals and quartz sand. They are slowly cooled to avoid inclusions.