Who else wears costume jewelry

Who Else Wears Rhinestone Jewelry?

Probably the one of the most well known people associated with rhinestone jewelry is Nudie (Nuta) Cohn.  Nudie Cohn is the legendary Country Western tailor to the stars.  The liberal use of rhinestones is often associated with garb worn by Country and Western music singers, Las Vegas dancers, and other show business entertainers. Nudie Cohn, the creator of these amazing rhinestone-studded, hand-embroidered suits is the most influential and innovative fashion designer in the world of Country, Western and Rock music.  Let's take a look at this other side of the Rhinestone world, while keeping bridal, pageant and special occasion in mind.


Nudie suits have been worn by everybody who is anybody in the Country, Rock and Western music worlds.  Nudie Cohn put the “c” in cool with his rare and original creations.  His intricate work impressed; and was worn by a long list of celebrities like Cher, John Lennon, Ronald Regan, Elton John, Tony Curtis, Porter Wagoner, Hank Snow, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Glenn Campbell, and Hank Williams Sr.; and rock bands that include Chicago, ZZ Top, and the Flying Burrito Bros, and America.

To be the owner of a "Nudie Cohn" outfit means you are the owner of something extraordinary.   They are collected by fashion and music enthusiasts equally, and by many current A-List Rockers, some of which include Ben Harper, Penny Farrell, Jeff Tweedy, Dwight Yoakam, and Lenny Kravitz.  Some of these entertainers have even been so stimulated that they have come up with their own line of signature clothing.

Rhinestone Jewelry for Men and Women

Although typically rhinestones are worn by women, they can be worn by men as well.  There are many different pieces of jewelry that were originally designed for women, but are being worn by men and visa versa. Occasionally, men will tend to go a little overboard with being creative when wearing their rhinestone jewelry, as in this example:

Using Rhinestones to Make a Statement

Wearing rhinestone jewelry is an excellent way to get conversations going about life, religion, politics and other issues.  It sends a message that tells others what you choose to support religiously and politically, and what you choose not to support.  Did you want to make a statement about your political choice?  A rhinestone pin will definitely get that message out to the others who feel the same. Wearing these kind rhinestone broaches is an excellent way to get conversations. 

 If you are an individual who is of the less controversial nature, try this one on for size.  It definitely sends a message that could be interpreted as meaning “You hold the key to my heart”.  It makes for a wonderful gift for either a man or a woman.  This intriguing piece will prove to be a wonderful conversation starter in social settings.