#11755 Pageant Prize Large Crown - 4.5"

Approximately 4 1/2" high with a 5.75"- 6.25" diameter. The band goes all the way around and is adjustable. Plated in Sterling Silver. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic.

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon (Richmond, IN, US)

We love this tiara grouping we use it every year! Our Queens love it!

Kelli (Minneapolis, MN, US)

I wore this when crowned Miss Eagan Queen 2009; it is truly a gorgeous crown, but it was difficult to keep on, as the adjustable band makes a perfect circle, which no one's head is. It would leave a gap on either side, even when closed snug. We called it the 'bear trap crown' because it needed to be closed tight to stay on. Bobbi pins were not strong enough to hold it in place, so clips in the back were necessary, and it looked a bit tacky. The other crowns in this 'family' are VERY popular across the Twin Cities festivals, so check out the group! I do *love* my crown and the quality is 5-stars , but I wouldn't recommend it. It's gorgeous to look at, just not practical to wear.

Camille C. (Yuba City, CA, US)

I so enjoy wearing this beautiful and elegant crown! As a Mrs. title holder I really hoped for something more grown up and demure, this crown is it! The detail is stunning and with the extra banding for height you cannot miss it in a crowd. 5 stars!!!

Catharina (Moscow, MOW, RU)

This crown is the best!


Stunning, this crown is definitely true beauty.