#12539 Navette Crowned Heart Tiara

5 " high x 5.5" diameter. Plated in Sterling Silver with a comb on each end fits all size heads. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic.

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Customer Reviews

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Terry W. (Lansing, MI, US)

My niece was absolutely beautiful for her wedding. I bought this tiara for her wedding and the jewelry for her, to only fly to Chattanooga, Tennessee to do her hair and all. Thank you so much. She loved it all.

Jamie-Lee (Romford, ENG, GB)

I was all so lucky enough to have this crown presented to me when I won Miss Earth Wales 2008 and I like it so much.

Dominique (Glasgow, SCT, GB)

I was lucky enough to be presented with this crown when I won the Miss Earth Wales 2009 title. It's esquisite.

Siobhan (Greenwich, ENG, GB)

All the crowns in this picture are from your website! They were the envy of all the BRITISH carnival courts in 2007, they were comfortable and they sparkled amazingly! thankyou!
Siobhan - the one in the middle at the back!

Valerie (Springfield, GA, US)

I wore this crown on my wedding day and it was exquisitely glamourous. I absolutely loved the brilliance of the the stones!