#12612 Medium Winner's Circle Tiara (Limited Supply)

3 3/8" high x 5.5" diameter. Plated in Sterling Silver with a comb on each end fits all size heads. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic.

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Customer Reviews

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Judy (Pahrump, NV, US)

Beautiful Queens crown

Norma (Long Beach, CA, US)

WOW!! The sparkle and brilliance of this tiara outshines all the ones you will find in Bridal shops; flea markets or online. Don't waste your time and money looking any further. I have purchased this tiara and the slightly smaller one several times over the past few years for my groups. You can spot my girls in a crowded room with the quality of the tiara they wear (and they all wear tiara's). Thank you rhinestonejewelry.com for a fantastic product.

Brandy W. (Sacramento, CA, US)

Love it! We purchased this tiara for our rodeo queen. We were able to remove the combs and attach elastic so that it fits around her hat.

Tamara M. (Torrance, CA, US)

Such a beautiful tiara!! Goes great with the set!

Elaine (Newport, WA, US)

I reviewed this earlier & still stand by my review! This is a beautiful tiara & I have purchased it for several years, along with the small version, for our County Fair Royalty. They are very well made & stand up to a lot of wear! Thank you for a quality item at an affordable price!